Our Services

We offer classical & acoustical audio and video music recording expertise. With services ranging from artistic recording supervision & producing, livestreaming and postproduction to project management & creative direction for audio & video recordings Asia wide.

Our consultation starts off with a review of the release purpose and repertoire. From there, we will discuss the aesthetic expectations of the recording and the formats in which the recording will be released. From HD to 4k, from stereo to immersive sound.


1. Studio and Mobile Recording

We are primarily stationed at Rose Studio, Victoria Concert Hall. The studio is equipped with both mixing and editing facilities, allowing us to provide closed-door recording sessions, concert recordings, audiovisual livestream & broadcast from Victoria Concert Hall. Alternatively, we bring our mobile equipment to your desired venue for recording in Singapore and beyond.


2. Audio Producing

A Tonmeister’s role is not only to manage the engineering aspects of the recording, but also take a musician’s perspective and listening out to the musical phrasing, the balancing of the score and the performer’s finesse. Depending on the type of recording, such feedback will be given when deemed appropriate, allowing musicians to achieve their desired artistic result.


3. Video Production Management & Creative Direction

From multi camera orchestra recording setups to chamber music video productions. We aspire to create visual results which support and enrich the musical experience. By following the musical score, we provide creative direction and video production management to create a visual presentation which serves your music best.


4. Post Production

The final touch to every good performance is the postproduction step, where we mix, edit and master your project. We will work closely with you during this process, ensuring that we bring out the best in the release.

Our audio formats include: Stereo, Surround & Immersive (Dolby Atmos) from 44.1kHz to 192kHz

Our video formats include: HD, 4K

Our delivery media includes: CD, DVD, Vinyl, Blu-ray

For other formats, please contact us.