About Us

msm-productions (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been established in 2011 as an affiliate of MSM Studios Munich, a renowned Mastering Studio in Germany, in business since 30 over years. The mission of msm-productions in Asia is to locally provide a wider pool of knowledge and expertise in the field of classical and acoustic music production on international standards.

Connecting Asia. Our team of recording producers is based in Singapore, Munich, Taipei, Seoul and Beijing. Their involvement opens up a wide network of experience, knowledge and local industry connections. We are united in our creative studies as Tonmeisters.

Johannes Müller

Founder, CEO
Recording Producer

Dominik Streicher

Managing Director
Recording Producer

Martin Shi

Head of Video Department
Recording Producer

Daniel Tan

Recording Engineer

Wang Chenwei

Recording Engineer

Amalyn Leong

Junior Recording Engineer
Social Media

Mina Kim

Recording Producer
Recording Engineer


Located in the heart of Singapore, Rose Studio is a state-of-the-art audio recording control room integrated into Victoria Concert Hall (VCH). Named after Singapore-based philanthropists and sponsors Mr and Mrs Christopher and Rosy Ho, Rose Studio uses the VCH stage and its natural hall acoustics as a recording space, and features a recording control room with both mixing and editing facilities.

Rose Studio, owned by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, is managed and operated by msm-productions since 2018. By fulfilling all requirements for world-class recording productions, Rose Studio can provide closed-door recording sessions, concert recordings, audio & video livestream & broadcast from Victoria Concert Hall. Our mobile recordings carried out around the globe are brought back here for editing, mixing and mastering.

For further information about our work at Rose Studio. Please email to: info@msm-productions.asia